Save Money And Save The Environment

Every home owner should really try to focus on ways that they can conserve energy in their home. Conserving energy in a person’s home means more than just saving themselves a lot of money each year, but it also means that they can do something great for the environment. There are many things that a homeowner can do in order to save energy when it comes to the home.

One of the main things that a person can do to save money on their home is to make sure that their home is weatherized. It is best to make sure that areas that have leaks, cracks, or openings such as windows and doors are sealed. By sealing windows with plastic in the winter, and putting caulk around windows and doors it can save a person hundreds of dollars a year and apart from that it could save over 1000 pounds of CO2 per year. Apart from weatherizing a home, another good thing to do in order to save energy on a home is to wrap up the water heater with a water heater insulator. An insulator jacket for a water heater is very inexpensive and a person can save a lot of electricity each year. It is also great for the environment because a family would be able to save over 1000 pounds of CO2 each year.

Another great thing to do in order to conserve energy in a home is to save money on home appliances. When washing clothes it is best to wash clothes on the cold water setting or on the warm water setting. When a person uses hot water they are not only using up a large amount of CO2, but they are also using a lot of electricity. By washing clothes in just cold or warm water they could save themselves and the environment a lot of money yearly. Another great thing to do would be to turn down the refrigerator. Refrigerators use a huge amount of electricity in the home. It is best to keep the refrigerator at about 36 degrees and the freezer at about 3 degrees. In that way more energy can be saved yearly.

In reality it is not that hard to save energy in the home, the previous was a list of a few small things that a person can do in order to conserve energy, but in reality there are many more things that a family and household can do to save energy for their home expenses and for the environment.

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Extracting Maximum Benefit From The Power Of Solar Energy

Solar energy systems were once a cute addition to a home that made little difference. Homeowners could power their toasters with solar panels, but today’s solar energy panels are just as powerful as the industrial kinds you find in open fields. You can get the maximum benefit from your solar system if you are using the suggestions below. Each step is yet another way to make your family energy independent.

#1: Install In The Optimal Place

The installer for your system must find the perfect place to install your panels. They can judge where you get the most sunlight during the day, and they can angle your panels to give you the best chance to build up energy in your system.

#2: Adaptive Panels

Solar panel installers can install mobile arms that move the panels to meet the sunlight. These systems reach for the sunlight like a sunflower, and your panels pick up more energy during the day. You can install a static set of panels, but you get better performance from panels that can move when needed.

#3: Partner With The Power Company

Your local power company likely has a partnership program that allows you to sell power back to them. Partnering with the power company allows you to make a monthly profit from your solar panels. The partnerships does not store energy. Your solar panels will be connected to the main power line, and the power company will judge how much energy they are receiving from you. They pay a flat rate for this energy, and you get a check every month.

#4: Connect Everything To Them

Your solar panels are going to power everything they are connected to. Using an electric water heater helps to save money. An electric stove helps to save power, and you can connect all your electric devices to the panels. You can eliminate your need for local power and gas utilities with the installation of the panels.

Every solar energy system gives you the opportunity to save money, but you must use them in the proper manner. A solar energy system will pay you back, eliminate utility bills and provide for your family in emergencies, but you must use the system wisely to get the best results.

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